First Time Fantasy Player? Same! First Step: Survive The Draft

I want to start this post off by quickly saying never have I ever before in my life played fantasy football … before this year. Never done an office pool, a friend group, an in-person draft, absolutely nothing. And now, all of a sudden, I’m in 3 leagues. Womp.

You may be asking yourself, why has this chick who loves sports so much never before played fantasy football? And to that I’ll give you an honest answer. I never really wanted to. For me, football season was about doing nothing but cheering on my team, despising the other team’s in their division, and hating on arrogant and ignorant fans if I chose to venture out and watch a game at a bar. That didn’t happen often but let me tell you, there was some hatin’ going on.

So why did I do it this year? I don’t want to say I was roped into it because I wasn’t. No one forced me or even bribed me into saying yes, there unfortunately were no cupcakes or cookies involved. All of a sudden there was an office league and a #GirlsRuleBoysDrool league so it was more like, “how could I say no?” It’s sort of along the same lines of finally taking the plunge and doing that new ombre trend or adding pink to your hair. You get to the point where you’re like “ok, just do it already.”

So now, the girl who has never played a day of fantasy football in her life has not 1, not 2, but 3 teams. Yes 3! Go big or go home right? And here below is what I’ve learned so far that I think may be useful if any of you guys are getting into the realm of fantasy (football people) for the very first time.

Survive Fantasy Football (Drafts) 101

1. The first thing that you’ll have to do is draft your team. If you feel like really going all out, do some research before hand. Now, if you really really really don’t care about the skill level of your players, you’re just in it to have a good time, then you can totes skip that part. You may however want to put a theme on your team. Pick players with the coolest names, the ones you find to be the hottest, players whose wives you’d want to trade places with, whatever floats your boat.

2. Drafts are usually done either online or in-person. If you are doing an online draft, know how long you have to make your next pick. Trust me, 6o seconds may seem like a long time but it’s actually almost nothing when you’re deciding between taking another running back or or finally drafting a tight end. In-person drafts you do get a bit more time, but not all day. Don’t be that person that takes 5 minutes for every pick. Just don’t.

3. Now this one goes along with the research thing. If you to choose to do some research beforehand, do it pretty thoroughly, be sure to give yourself some back-up player choices. Chances are that in at least some of the positions you have to pick players for, the people that you want to draft will already be taken. This can become a problem if you don’t have backup players in mind, especially if there is a time limit. (See Tip #1) Just like you always carry certain (cough feminine) items in your purse, always make sure you’re prepared for what the draft may throw at you.

4. If you’re doing a draft in person, make it fun! Wear your favorite jerseys! Cook/bake some football inspired food/goodies! You’re sitting around talking about a bunch of grown men and picking your favorites, in reality, its really not all that different from a season of the Bachelorette.

5. One last tip before I leave you. When drafting your team, be sure you know the rules of your league. Do you get more points for running touchdowns? You may want to consider drafting a few more running backs/drafting a running back higher than other players. More points for throwing touchdowns? Then, you may want to consider making your first pick a quarterback.

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Playing fantasy for the first time? Let me know how it’s going!



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