Girlfriends Guide To The World Cup…And How To Survive It

Most of the time here in the United States, people, at least most people, really don’t care all that much about soccer. Some do sure, but unless they either a. live in a city with a good Major League Soccer team, or b. get the games from overseas on their television sets, soccer just isn’t something thats on everyone’s mind to the extent of a sport along the lines of say baseball or football. And having David Beckham underwear ads as your computer background doesn’t count.

Every 4 years though, that changes. Every 4 years, the World Cup comes around, uniting nations and the rest of the world together, as they instill all hopes of glory onto a group of about 23 men and a handful of their coaches.

Now, the World Cup seems to have a power that goes beyond other sporting events like the Olympics. Whether its the fact that is just one sport in the competition, or the fierce ties that fans have to their favorite soccer teams, especially fans that live in Europe or South America, it has this binding power that is unparalleled in other continent wide competitions.

Right, ok, so we’ve addressed that the World Cup is a big deal but now how about the reason you’re really here: Your significant other caught World Cup fever and you’re down here feeling a little more like you have a slight hiccup, or nothing at all, versus a full out disease…how on earth do you get through it?

One of the most important things to probably remember is that, just like anything, it’ll be over before you know it. The World Cup is a month long event, so its not a crazy amount of time to begin with. And when you think about how long a football or even a baseball season is, the once every 4 year event is nothing. So if all else fails, just realize that you’ll have to suck it up…but it won’t be for very long.

You are going to get to see by far some of the most hella interesting patriotic getups you’ve ever seen before. Between bandanas, replica flags as dresses, bathing suit pieces, face paint, you name it, there will be more red, white, and blue outfits than you even knew existed. And as a bonus, if you’re still looking, you’ll get plenty of inspo for your 4th of July outfit…maybe more so what not to wear but still, inspiration nation none the less.

Another plus to this whole shabang is that no matter where you live, my guess is that there will be watch parties out the whazoo, so its a chance to most likely meet some new people, maybe some of your guys work or college buds that you’ve never met before, or haven’t seen in a long time, and even possibly find a super cool new bar to hang out at. Or if you live in big cities like Chicago or New York, there are huge watch parties that just seem like one heck of an experience. Although if you attend one of those, make sure you drink a lot of water. Oh and sunscreen, sunscreen is a must. Dehydrated, sunburnt, fans are not our thing.

What I really enjoy about these international events, and what I think is the one thing that you should remember above all else when you’re thinking about just how much you’d rather be doing anything else at all besides watching soccer, is just the sheer about of countryness everyone exudes during the World Cup. Sure, it’ll most likely disappear and only come back 3 years and 11 months from now but for this 1 month, as cheesy as it sounds, we all really are a part of something bigger. And if the country of your fandom is doing well, the togetherness will only get even more so as the tournament continues.
Who are your guys’ guys cheering for? Need any outfit suggestions? Let me hear you below!



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