How To Survive A Weekend Road Trip To A Little League Baseball Tournament

Road trips with your guy are fun right? Especially that very first one. The anticipation, and somewhat nervousness, of the first time you’ll spend secluded hours with your guy, driving past nothing but corn fields and trees, and here’s America for you, a McDonald’s at every single highway exit. And to top it all off, no escape that doesn’t involve heavily bodily harm. Then, if you’ve hopefully survived the car ride, you get to your destination, and whether it’s a brand new one to you or one you’ve been to before, you’re excited to get your Christopher Columbus-discoverer on.

What happens though when your road trip, and your first one at that, is actually not to take in the sights and sounds of a far off place, but rather because you’re going to watch 11-year olds play baseball, in the summer, in St. Louis. Please, don’t jump for joy at my expense, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.

By this time, you’ve figured out that I recently went, and survived, a road trip to St. Louis, and yes, it was to watch 11-year olds play baseball. If there are any nominations for girlfriend of the year award, you know how to let me know you’ve voted for me, wink wink. And as much as the first part of this post has sounded extremely sarcastic, which it was, I had a great time and maybe even more importantly, I now have a wealth of information to share with you so that you have what you need to in order to survive a similar type of adventure.

First off, make sure there are snacks, and delegate whose job it is to bring them. I now firmly believe that you can judge a guy based on the snacks he packs for long rides in the car. What I rode to St. Louis with (among other things)? A multi-pack of gum and a Costco sized bag of SkinnyPop. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he done good.

One pill that you’re going to have to swallow is that your guy will be busy, its just a given. Where out of town tournaments may be a lot about team bonding, at the end of the day, there is still the sport, baseball in this case, to be played. He’s still got to be a coach for a majority of the weekend, and in those times, the 11-year olds (or however old they are in your case), come first.

Another thing to remember is that your guy will be really really tired at the end of the day. So just when you think you’ll finally get some alone time, or even some time to say hey, how’s it going, your guy is going to want to pass out. This is purely what the bf did but from just knowing men in general, they tend to all operate somewhat similarly after a day of sports. It’s okay to be frustrated, trust me I get it. Its just the way it is when he’s in charge of molding young lives during the day. Ok, coaching little league baseball is more like it, but still, you get the point. Take this time to catch up on your reading or watch Paul Blart on t.v. He’ll be out before you know it, so you won’t have to worry about waking him.

Get To Know The Parents. You may be like me and get super lucky find yourself in a group of really awesome ones, the kind that sit around drinking while their kids run around the hotel or have a betting pool during the actual games. Point is, is that you’re there with your guy, whose there because of his team, and the parents go along with that. Ergo, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Enjoy it, chances are they are going to make the trip a hell of a lot of better than a hell of a lot worse. And you may even get a free drink out of it.

Now, I may have gone on a trip focused primarily on an 11-year old baseball team, but the above can certainly be applied if you’re going out of town for any sport at any age, even to watch your guy play….maybe his rec league basketball team is playing in an adult-league tournament, who knows? Point is, as long as you’re prepared you can handle anything. Oh, and make sure there is SkinnyPop.

Have you gone on a sports road trip? Fill us in!





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