What To Do When You Really Don’t Like Your Guys’ Sports Team

Over the course of your relationship, there will no doubt be things that your guy does that you don’t like. Whether it’s his snoring, his never putting the toilet seat down or his really weird food habits, like coke with breakfast (weird right?), there are things that bug you. But eventually you get through it all. Learning to fall asleep first, pointing out the toilet thing until he starts putting the seat down, and looking away when he eats are all ways to handle those things.

But what about when it comes to your guy’s sports teams? We all know about the men in our lives and their dedication to these other men that they have most likely never met, and will never meet. It’s essentially a bromance of the highest extent. But just like some of your guy’s bros that you do actually know, you may not like these ones either, for whatever the reason may be.

For example, I won’t name specific names but I absolutely CANNOT STAND my guy’s hockey team. One of the players makes me want to get on the ice and break his leg, another one left my team so I’m not partial to him, and don’t even get me started on the fans. Let’s just say that it’s a miracle I’ve never had a beer thrown in my face because of my loathing (I don’t exactly keep my thoughts quiet).

As you can see, there can be a number of different reasons why you may not like your guy’s team. The important thing to know is what to do to deal with that. Lucky for you, I have plenty of experience in the matter.

Have Reasons To Back Up Your Dislike – You can only get away with a general “I just don’t like them” every so often. But if you have specific reasons of why you don’t like a team, whether its “Because that guy is a manwhore,” “his lack of teeth freak me out,” or “they’re rivals with my favorite team,” having specifics that you can just roll off of your tongue will make your dislike much more “take that.”

Know When To Cut It – As you can probably guess at this point, I don’t usually refrain from speaking my mind. And I encourage it, let them hear you roar. At the same time, you’ve got to know when to cut it. Did your guys team win the championship last year? Maybe take your foot off the gas when it comes to bashing them, at least when bashing their playing abilities. Or maybe your guys team is absolutely dreadful and it’s almost painful to watch, again, maybe tiptoe lightly around the making fun of you’ve done it often.

Play Nice – It’s one thing to diss your guy’s team, for whatever the reason may be, but do remember that it’s all in fun. Yes, you may really really really want to break one of those player’s legs, sort of like I do, but don’t get to the point where it seems like its something that you actually may do. Not only will your guy think you’re being extremely rude (and insane), he may seriously think you have issues. Say what you want, but just be sure to remember that even though you think you’re joking, once you say something, no matter what it is, you can’t take it back.

Have you ever had to deal with this? What did you do?



One thought on “What To Do When You Really Don’t Like Your Guys’ Sports Team

  1. What’s wrong with Coke for breakfast?? Caffeine? Yep. Sugar? Yep (assuming you’re real Coke fans) Even dark brown? Sure. You lose!!

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