Surviving A Little League Baseball Game, When You’re Severely Lacking Layers

There’s not many more worse things than not dressing appropriately for something. Now, it’s one thing if you’re Elle Woods and you showed up to a non-costume party dressed in a Playboy bunny-esque outfit. That situation you can deal with and she did, did’t she, new MacBook computer and all. It’s a whole completely different story when you dress inappropriately in terms of the weather. That situation leads to much more trying times.

Where is this all coming from you might ask. Well, I’ve never been a quiet one so I’ll tell you. Last night, I attended the bf’s baseball game he was coaching and let’s just say I froze my hindquarters off. Well not exactly that part, I was sitting on a jacket and then a blanket so that part stayed pretty warm. Anyways, I showed up to the game wearing a sundress and sandals because coming from the city, which was about an hour away, it was a 20 degree temperature difference and I was sweating when I left. I remember thinking that it was a little chilly when I got out of my car but as the sun when went down, I began to shiver and shake and do all those things that showed that I was in fact, freezing. But like any good girlfriend, or any person really would do in that situation, I dealt with it. And alas, I thought it would be beneficial to know how I dealt with it so if this situation ever happens to you,

So What Do You Do?

First off, know that any fashion attempt you were attempting to pull off is going to go completely out the window. Like haste la vista, know one can see what you’re even wearing because luckily you found a blanket in your car that you can wrap yourself up in. Forget about the fact that it was the first time you’ve been able to wear a dress without tights in months. It’s more important now to keep as much as your body covered as possible.

On that note, pray that you have something in your car of value, in terms of keeping you warm. Now if you’re anything like me, or my mom, your car will not be the cleanest place on Earth. And I don’t mean that we are dirty gross pigs by any stretch, just┬ámore along the lines of there is just a lot of stuff in there. If you start shivering, go search your car, or your bf’s if you have his keys, one of you guys is bound to have something that you can use to help keep you warm. And like the above tip, just forget about what you look like. Trust me, it really does not matter.

If praying for that got you nowhere, pray that you catch your bf’s eye and that he either has a pair of sweatpants that he can whip out of his backpack, or that he’ll give you his keys to go dig through their car. If your bf coach is anything like mine, there will be a crap ton of baseball-related (or whatever sport it may be) clothing in the car, a lot of it coming in the form of jackets/sweatshirts/sweatpants. Grab whatever you can carry, and get back to the game.

Get jokey with the parents. Chances are they, they underestimated the weather too. Maybe they were wearing pants originally so they are a little ahead of you but most likely, they made multiple trips to their cars to layer up as well. If they don’t introduce themselves to you, which they may or may not, introduce yourself to them. Laugh at their jokes when you hear them, if you think are funny. Certainly don’t give any pity laughs. Suffering together does make the situation a little better, remember that there is a strength in numbers.

And above all else, remember why you’re there. That thought should always make any situation, no matter what it is, a thousand times better.

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day!