How To Get Through Saturday Night On The Couch Because There’s A Sports Game On


Saturday night is made for going out right? Getting all dressed up, showering AND shaving your legs, putting more makeup on than just a lick of mascara and a swipe of chapstick. Saturday night is the day of the week that you get to let go, blow off some steam from the week, and really just enjoy yourself.

And then sometimes, its not. Sometimes, its a night where there is a huge sporting event on t.v. and your guy just has to watch it. And because, as always, you’re a super supportive girlfriend, you’ll be right there with him…even though it may just be the last place you want to be on a Saturday night.

So what do you do when instead of going out, you’re parked on a couch with your guy as he incessantly yells at the television?

Embrace It – Sweatpants and a messy bun? Hello extremely comfortable and way cheaper than going out Saturday night. Bonus points if you live up north and one of those nifty little polar vortexes just happen to be hitting the same weekend. And besides, we all know that sometimes the thing you really actually want to do on a Saturday night is just cuddle up underneath a blanket and sit around so much that you leave an ass-print on the couch.

Make It A Date – Just think of it as dinner and a show…all from inside you or your guys humble abode. Sure, you don’t have to get dressed to the nines, unless you want to, but just because you’re inside, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as much a date as if you were out at some restaurant or movie theater. Think about it like this: You can make dinner (If you like to cook and can’t stand when your guy is in the kitchen with you, take advantage of this) or order in, takes the stress out of it. Get a bottle of wine/case of beer from the grocery store, where its so much cheaper anyways and the waiter/waitress won’t glare at you/charge you for every glass you drink. You could light some candles if you wanted, dim the lights, turn on some music (before the game starts), customize it to be the ultimate stay-in date experience. Granted, I know I just explained about every “romantic dinner” scene from every Rom-Com, but you get the idea.

Bring Something To Do – Time for a nail polish change? Almost done with the magazine or book you’re reading? Hello perfect time to finish it. Let’s be real for second. I’m betting that you’re guy is not going to care all that much how much you’re actually paying attention to the game, but in reality is just extremely happy that you’re there making couch impressions right along with him.

Let Him Marvel You – You know how guys always like to try and impress us ladies? Here’s your shot to let your guy do just that. Ask him some questions about the game, not incessant ones, because no offense, that will get annoying. Let him dazzle you with his sports knowledge, and during halftime, you can dazzle him about all the fashion trends seen on the runways. Maybe afterwards, there’s some sort of “game” you can turn the questions into? (Insert winky face emoji here)

And As A Last Resort, Make It A Girls Night – Sure, you want to spend time with your guy but if he really really really wants to watch the game and you really really really don’t want to to the point where you will both be miserable, hit the town with your girlfriends. Grab some dinner and catch up on what you think of this week’s biggest celebrity breakup or go to that dance club that you love but your guy doesn’t feel all that comfortable in, because let’s face it, dance clubs aren’t a place a lot of guys feel comfortable in….unless they are stinking drunk, that completely changes the ball game.

Spend Saturday night on the couch with your guy? How’d you get through it? Let us know!



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