Behind Enemy Lines…Dealing With Unruly Fans Who Aren’t On Your Side

*Disclaimer – This post is not meant to offend any fans of a particular team. That is all.

Going to a sporting event is meant to be like going to Disneyworld, “fun for the whole family.” Unless its something like chicken fighting or golf, those two don’t really scream family bonding time. Anyways, usually going to a sports game is a great time all around. If however you find yourself in a stadium surrounded by fans supporting a team you aren’t, i.e., you’re of the “visiting crowd,” it can become something that isn’t exactly the most fun place on earth.

Going into enemy territory is tough, especially when your guy leaves you alone for 10 minutes while he’s waiting in the giant bathroom line. (I don’t understand why it takes guys so long in the bathroom, I really don’t). I’ll be the first to admit that I can get extremely hot headed about sports. And when you combine that with an atmosphere where people are acting like drunken idiots, like where I was last evening watching the Pittsburgh Penguins take on the Chicago Blackhawks at the Stadium Series at Soldier Field in Chicago, it can make your blood boil a little bit. (It wasn’t a completely terrible thing last night, the boiling blood warmed me up a bit from the freezing snow that fell down non.stop. during the game).

Now, if your guy is a fan of the same “enemy team” you are, he’ll be able to help out with blocking some of the negativity being thrown at you. If he’s a fan of the home team, you’re kind of on your own. Here’s how to deal with the select few fans who decide that their one goal for the evening is to see how much mouth diarrhea they can spew at you:

Ignore Them – This is what your parents would tell you to do and welp, you may not agree with them all the time but they’ve got a point here. Don’t stoop to the level of idiocy these unruly fans are displaying, its going to prove a lot stronger if you just sit/stand there, and completely ignore them. When they inevitably wave their hands too wildly and spill their beer on themselves, you can go ahead and break that stone face you’re displaying and laugh hysterically. It’ll feel good.

Kill Them With Kindness – Sure, when someone starts talking crap directly in your direction/in your face, you may want to say things/smack them, etc. but that could get you involved in a crap argue battle or, kicked out of them game due to unsportsmanlike conduct in the stands. Instead of retaliating with words, or fists, just smile, comment on how much you love their jersey, or say something along the lines of “yeah, you know what, we really didn’t do our best today.” (That last line only really works if your team is not exactly having their best game). Basically, just play nice. That way, even though your team isn’t doing all that well in the actual sporting event, you’ll at least be winning the “better human being” battle.

Put Them In Their Place – One thing that really bugs me about going to games is dealing with ignorant people. Now, its one thing if they are just being drunk and stupid, those kind are more just annoying versus actually just being dumb. For example, at the game I went to last night, there were a few people who were yelling, “Crosby sucks,” directed at Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby. I myself was in a Crosby jersey so they seemed to think they would direct their ramblings at me. Here’s the thing, you can’t say a player sucks when they don’t, its completely idiotic and makes you look like even bigger of an a-hole than if you had just been drunkenly rambling. Crosby has already won 2 gold medals as the captain of the Canadian hockey team and is the youngest captain in NHL history to win a Stanley Cup. Also, he currently leads the league in points this season. My point is, use your smarts to just completely shut down their argument. The stadium will thank you too, they’ll have to buy copious amounts of alcohol to get over the sting of your zinger…and their pride.

Have A Comeback Line Prepared – You really should take the high road and ignore the people acting like fools, but sometimes, you really just don’t want to. And besides, ignoring them is really no fun at all. These lines don’t have to be all that witty or classy, they can literally be something along the lines of, “At least I’m not a drunken asshole,” or “Wow, you’re team just won but you have to pick on someone to get some satisfaction out of the evening.” I’m going to go one further and say that this is probably the last thing you should do, but everyone needs a last resort or Plan B right?

How do you deal with rude and unruly fans? Let me know!



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