It Is Almost Spring, Which Means Intramural Time, Which Means Yes, You Have To Go

Ok, so your guy is on an intramural sports team and whether it be baseball, kickball, or flag football, you really really really don’t want to go to his games. But, and that’s a strong but(t) right there, because you are the super awesome supporting significant other that you are, you’re going to go and you’e going to have the biggest smile on your face. So big that it almost looks fake, but alas, it only looks that way because of how genuine it is.

Spending your Saturday or Sunday mornings outside watching grown men relieve their glory days may not sound like the most fun thing and may not mean very much to you. But to your guy, it means the world. When he knocks home the game winning run with a hit that somehow gets between the outfielder’s legs, he’s going to want to circle the bases and see your face waiting for him. When he makes a diving catch of a kickball from the opposing teams big kicker, he’s going to smile ear to ear…at you. You’ve got to be there for this stuff, because as seemingly as small as it is, it’ll show him that he can count on you and it lets him know you’ll be there for a lot of other bigger things that could potentially come up down the road. And, what guy doesn’t like to show off for his lady?

Alright so as long as I’ve got you on the edge of your seat here about how how much these games mean to your guy, how much you should go, yada yada, now’s the part where I’ll share some ways to get through the game without having a heat stroke, and without cursing the day your guy was ever born.

First off, ladies, let me tell you. This is the perfect opportunity to work on your tan. Isn’t that something we are all trying to do on some levels? Maybe not tan, but at least be sure to get our Vitamin D count for the day. Now, I don’t suggest going all Elle Woods and wearing a bikini top and feathery heels, unless that’s your style, then I say go for it, you do you. It might attract quite a lot of attention, and distract from the game, but again, if that’s what you want to wear, then go for it.

Bring a friend. Your guy is not going to care that you brought along someone to gab and get your tan on with, so long as you’re both not completely ignoring what is going on. Well as long as you at least is not ignoring the game. If your guy asks you later about the big kick he had and you were too busy discussing new manicure colors, that’s not going to go down well. Who knows, maybe your gal pal will strike it up with one of your guy’s buddies or even better if she has a guy on the team, you can revel in the fact that you are both going through the same amount of pain while sitting out there.

If you don’t bring a friend, bring something to do. Whether its a book or a magazine, bring something to keep you occupied. Obviously, don’t keep your head buried in whatever you bring, be sure to look up and check in on the game, especially when your guy is up to bat or he’s pitching, some main role. That’s one part of the game you need to be sure not to miss.

On the more side practical side, bring some water, and a hat, and some sunscreen. Being the supportive rockstar girlfriend is one thing, getting burned to a crisp and dehydrated is something no guy would ever ask for. And if he does, #sorrynotsorry to say this but he’s just not the guy for you.

You’ve got a few weeks left to prepare for the upcoming spring seasons, my advice is to start lining up some friend dates now. Or at the very least, stock up on your magazines. But just remember that when you’re at these games, no matter how much you may hate it or want to go home or go do anything else really, your guy appreciates and will always remember it. Unless you cheer really loudly and he thinks it’s a little embarrassing, sort of like his mom used to do when he was little. Then, he may not appreciate it all that much.

Have a great week!