You Need Tickets To A Sporting Event That You Don’t Want To Go To? Where To Find Them

As much as you probably don’t want to go, you will at some point, most likely, 99.9% chance, buy your sports-loving guy sports tickets for some time of birthday/anniversary/promotion/pick-me-up/etc. Because of this glaringly high percentage, it’s definitely a good idea to know the best ways to go about buying tickets, little tricks of the trade if you will. Some of the places are quite obvious yes, I’ll give you that. There are however little factoids of information sprinkled throughout that you may not have known. It’s kind of like eating a cupcake persee, and it’s a plain ole’ vanilla so you assume you know what it’s going to taste like, but then you bite down and get a scrumptious mouthful of strawberry buttercream smack dab in the middle. Bam, little factoids of icing.

Below are four popular ways to get tickets to sporting events, some a bit safer and more secure than others. But don’t worry, nothing on this list entails back alleys or underground stores. You may want to have pepper spray though, just in case.

Directly From Team – This is definitely going to be the safest, most secure way to buy tickets for your guy. It also could turn out to be the most expensive, but not always. If you buy and print online it could be, just because there are so many extra random fees involved. There are certain promotion days sponsored by the team like Family Sundays or Singles Night (doesn’t apply here but you catch my drift) where they offer discounted tickets, not to mention giveaways … get ready to start your very own bobblehead collection, or more precisely, get ready to start hating your guys bobblehead collection. Yes, sometimes they are a bit creepy, you are not wrong about that.

Craigslist – You can find anything and everything on Craigslist these days, and sometime you even get a nice background on the item. Please look at this, and enjoy and then finish reading this blog post: Anyways, Craigslist can be a great way to score tickets for an upcoming sporting event. Many season ticket holders will put a number of their games on there to try and make a quick buck. They will usually sell these tickets at face-value or a little below, don’t ever pay more. You can always get tickets from the team at face value.

StubHub (or other online ticket marketplaces) – This, and other ticket websites like TicketsNow or VividSeats, are fairly new websites that allows season ticket holders/or any ole’ seller to sell their tickets in a most-likely more secure arena than Craigslist. Prices varies on these websites, sometimes they are above or below face value, depending on how popular of a matchup or other team you are going to see. Case in point: On the Stubhub Chicago webpage, tickets for an upcoming Cubs vs. Nationals game, prices for bleacher seats are 17 on StubHub and 19 on Cubs website. For an upcoming Cubs vs. Cardinals game (a division rival), StubHub bleacher seats are at $68 whereas on the Cubs website, they are only $40 (this came as a shock to me, no joke). So you just have to be sure you look around to make sure you are getting the best deal. Also, many of these websites don’t sell tickets a certain number of hours before the game starts so if you are going these route, find your seat and lock it down asap.

Scalping – This is sort of kind of illegal, yet you most likely won’t get in trouble for it. How it works: People will buy tickets and then try to sell them around right around the stadium right before game time. People will also try and rip you off so be careful. Real life example: The bf and I decided that we were going to go to a Cubs game yesterday. The bf went to scalp for tickets and first ran into one guy who was trying to sell him upper deck seats at Wrigley Field for $55 each. The next guy, $60 for the pair. So watch for that and don’t go for the first guy you see. Also if you are going for the surprise factor in your gift but are going through a scalper, I heavily suggest you let your guy in on the secret and bring him with you. Please, gorgeous ladies, do not go by yourself. Not only is it not safe, you are more likely to get ripped off by yourself than you are with your guy with you. And one last thing:  find out the face value of the tickets you are looking for (check on team’s website) before going down to scalp. That way, you have bartering intel.

Have you ever bought tickets for you guy? What methods did you use? Any stories you want to share?


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