How To Survive A Day At The BallPark …. When You’re Watching Little Leaguers

First off, before we get to the nitty gritty fun stuff, I just want to quickly say a big thanks to the great guy in my life who lets me essentially give the blogosphere his life story and write about our relationship and doesn’t complain in the slightest. Or if he does complain, it’s certainly not to my face. So to the BF, as he shall now always be referenced to all blog posts going forward, thank you.

And now back to the goods.

So another potential issue you may come across and have to deal with if your guy is a sports lover …. the possibility that he is a little league baseball coach. Oh goodie. (Please tell me you all caught the dripping sarcasm there. I hope so, it could fill a bucket). I mean, and you all know this, I love sports and going to games and yada yada yada. But spending weekends, or even a single Saturday or Sunday, at a little league baseball field watching 11 year olds can be quite taxing. Especially in the summer when it seems to be a-bajillion degrees outside.

(I just want to insert here really quickly that this post can be related to any little league sport, my personal experience just happens to be with baseball. But if your guy is a football, basketball, or coach of whatever other sport, it works. Lucky you if he happens to coach an indoor sport. My internal body temperature says dangggg you but my semi-tanned legs are somewhat laughing and soaking up the glory.)

Now going to his games and cheering him and his team on may be the last thing you would ever want to do, especially on a weekend, but isn’t that why we are such awesome girlfriends/wives/fiancées/partners/insert another synonym here in the first place? The fact that we love and support our guys no matter what, even when he makes you watch sports all the time and you have to read a blog to learn how to deal with it? (Snuck in a little plug there, hope you don’t mind)

Anyways, here are my suggestions on how to deal if you happen to find yourself dating a little league coach, i.e. How I Survived A Chicago Summer Watching 11 Year Olds Play Baseball

  1. First off, and this is probably the most important besides #5 I would say, just have the right attitude.  Remember that you are there to watch your guy do something he loves. Kind of like he does when you go shopping and you disappear in the rows of a Sephora store for chunks at a time. You know what you are getting yourself into going to these games, just like he knows what to expect when you convince him to shopping with you. Don’t complain, please please please don’t complain. If you say you are going to go, suck it up, go, and put a big ole’ smile on your face. (Not to mention a hat on your head, protect those lovely locks from the sun)
  2. Don’t expect to see your guy all that much. Sure, you’ll see him doing his coaching thing because, and you may need to hold your breath for this one, that’s what you are there to watch. But don’t expect a lot of interaction past some smiles and the occasional wink or frustrated head shake. And after the game, the time when you’ll get to actually chat with him, he is most likely going to be bombarded with parent’s from his team. Let him get those convos out of the way before you jump in. And when they’re done, you’ll be able to have him all to yourself.
  3. Bring a book/magazine/something to do if you are going to be there for a while. If you decide to attend a double header (two games in one day), one, go you. Second, bring something to do in between games, you are going to need it. Now, you’ll probably get to spend some time with your guy in between the games but even so, he’ll have to be back at it with his time probably like an hour before the game starts so you are going to have some time to kill all by yourself and just so you know, Candy Crush is a huge battery killer. Make sure you have something else to help kill the time. But please just try not to read, or read to much, while the game is going on, that would NOT (Borat voice) be good.
  4. Sunscreen. Good time to get a tan, yes indeed. It is however never a good time to burn to a crisp and look like you should come alongside a cup of melted butter.
  5. Water water water. Gulp gulp gulp. Drink drink drink. You get the picture here.
  6. Make friends with the parents. I can’t tell you how many funny stories or new restaurants I heard about just hanging out with the player’s parents. One, it makes the time go by faster and two, and I am not saying this to boost my own ego at all, you will get compliments for toughing out these games. I almost got a League Championship t-shirt out of being a supportive gf with “Coach’s Girlfriend” on the back. (Ok so the sweatshirt probably wouldn’t have said that exactly and I didn’t end up getting one but still, the compliment thing was all real. Promise)

I hope this blog post helps should you find yourself in this situation. And as much as it may seem like I couldn’t stand going to these games, I really did enjoy myself. I’m sure you will too.

So let us know, have you ever attended one of your guy’s coaching endeavors? How’d you get through it?



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