Honey Get The Camera..It’s BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah

Ok real quick, who are your girl crushes? Those women that you aspire to be best friends with and want nothing more than to meet them at your local hipster coffee shop to grab some version of a non-fat latte no foam concoction? For me, I gotta give my girl crush to the one and only Emma Watson (I mean she played a wizard smarter than all the boys for heavens sake). But for real, I seriously want nothing more than to not go shoe shopping with her (you’ll probably only find that statement funny if you read the recent article that says she only has 8 pairs of shoes) So think about it. Who would you want to not go shoe shopping with? I promise there is a reason I am asking. And it doesn’t have to be your girl crush, it can just be any ‘ole celebrity that you drool over. Like I mean actually drool, think St. Bernard like slobber. (Ok maybe not that much but you get the point).

Anyways, the reason I pose this question (and the reason for the blog post that follows) is that my boyfriend the other day was just chillin in Nike Town when he ran into none other than Andrew McCutchen, a famous major league baseball player who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The bf then took a picture with him in which he’s smiling like he’s a toddler on a hot summer day and the ice cream he is attempting to eat has found on a home on every part of his face except his mouth. (Said boyfriend neglected to get his Pittsburgh Pirates fan girlfriend an autograph but that’s neither here nor there)

Now favorite players to guys are what girl crushes are to us ladies, despite trying to sound redundant, they’re their guy crush. And as “regular” as they say they are, athletes aren’t people you just casually run into. So what happens when this potentially once in a lifetime occurrence happens? How are you supposed to deal when your grown man of a boyfriend turns into a man child all over again?


First off, carry some sort of an inhaler. (I gest) (But seriously, watch out for freezing then face planting grown men…they fall hard)

Secondly, have a pen … or locate some kind of store counter/hotel concierge/willing passerby where you can get one. (I need to do this. Girl over here has more lipsticks in her purse then pens. And fyi, don’t try and sign an electric bill with that fuschia pink lipstick. I promise, it doesn’t work.) Buy a multipack of BICs and spread them out through your purse collection. And make sure the pen has ink. Nothing like thinking you are saving the day with a pen and then it turns out to be drier than the Sahara desert. (Sorry for the lack of creativity in that reference)

Make sure to get your camera ready. Now, you may want to be a part of this moment that is unfolding before your eyes, especially if you yourself happen to know who the player is that your guy is gaga for. Gotta say though, leave this one to the dudes and let your guy soak it all up by himself. Be the awesome girlfriend you are and whip out your iPhone or disposable camera (props if have one of those on you) and snap away. Also know that you’re going to be the one that knows way more on what Instagram filter suits the picture best. Also, you’ll get all the Facebook likes (insert wink here)

Lastly, fight the urge to laugh. Your guy seeing one of his idols will end up being one of the most memorable moments of his lifetime. And while you may want to giggle at how childlike he gets, realize how great it is that he still gets super excited about things, just like he used to do when he was a kid.  And also remember that he’ll have to hold back his laughter and sarcastic comments when you inevitably run into Jennifer Aniston or Meryl Streep.

Have you and your guy ever had a run in with one of his man crushes? What did you do?



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