One Remote, Two Different Interests. You Do The Math

Have you ever really really wanted to watch something on tv? Like ok remember back in your younger years, when a new Disney movie was premiering on Friday night and you just had to be smack in front of the tv for the “world premiere?” Remember that feeling? That can’t miss it, have to watch it now feeling? And it hasn’t changed has it? When your favorite show is about to have its series finale or there is a new show premiering that you think may fit just right in the section of your heart filled with all the love you have for your favorite tv characters? There you are again in your pajama set and slippers, your hair may or may not be in pigtails, smack in front of the television.

But I have to ask this. What happens when you are about to sit down and watch the season premiere of Once Upon A Time or whatever the show may be that’s given you child-like giddiness when your guy comes in and says “Umm hey babe, I was going to watch the game in here tonight” (obviously using the quintessential deep man voice here, which is most likely what your guy doesn’t sound like). Because just like you, your guy gets giddy and looks forward to watching tv too.


Besides a fight to the death Hunger Games style to solve the dilemma, I don’t know any other option.

But in all seriousness, this is a very tricky situation that has to get worked out peacefully. Unless you’d rather solve it with a fight to the death, that’s totally your guys call. There are a few fall backs. For one, if you happen to have another tv then bam, problem solved. Flip a coin for who gets the nicer one and just remember who gets it next time. If only one tv exists, there is picture and picture, TIVO or On Demand to keep your fingers crossed for. But what happens when all you have is standard cable and none of that other advanced stuff exists? Break out the ole’ VHS player and hit record? I mean can you imagine what went down before television was invented and there were arguments over what radio show got listened to? Aye, those knobs would get broken mighty fast. And then some other knobs would now be off limits, if ya catch my drift. (Yes, oven knobs. Exactly where I was going with that one, good job).

So, what do you do? Well first off, cross your fingers that you and your guy are big compromisers because you both are going to have to compromise here. And coming from a girl who doesn’t like to miss a game or one of her shows, trust me, it can be done. Now that’s just a compromise with myself but still, I have faith in you guys.

The first thing I would say to consider is how important is each show, that would probably be the simplest way to decide which gets watched. And I don’t mean which is more important to you as an individual. I mean like put the shows on a scale and measure, take the emotional ties out of the decision. Is it a playoff elimination game for your guy? Then, I might say let him have the remote on this one. I know it stinks but thank goodness for Hulu, unless the show you wanted to watch was on CBS. (Mini side rant coming here) I mean come on now what is that about? Do you know how many people can’t get their How I Met Your Mother fix because of that? Geez CBS, you should be ashamed. Or Hulu. Whosever fault that is, shame on you. On the flip side, if it is just a regular season, same ole same ole game, and it’s a show that is a season premiere/season finale/series premiere/series finale/show you’ve been waiting all week for, I would say that you get control. That would be my way of figuring it out, but everyone is different so come up with what ever works for you. Maybe even make a game out of it! I don’t know what kind of game it would be but games are fun so, ya know, go for it.

There is also the option of changing the station during commercials. This is a viable option, but then again you have to decide what show/game goes on first and what gets flipped to. I would say that a game is probably easier to switch to because of the nature of instant replays and highlights but do yourself a favor, and don’t use that excuse all the time on your guy. If he lets you have the first show, next time, give him the initial watch, suck it up, watch whatcha can on his commercials, and google your show later to catch up. Or again, see above comment about Hulu. (And if you’re going to reread it, don’t forget about the mini rant. Not sure if you want to go through that all over again).


This is not an ideal situation I know. But relationships aren’t always rainbows and unicorns all the time (I don’t know where that analogy comes from, I just like it I guess) and sometimes things come up that need figured out, like the example of what channel gets watched on tv. I mean if you can survive you not getting to watch your show or your guy not getting to watch his game, I think you guys can pretty much solve anything.

Have any methods for dealing with this sitch? Let us know!



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