The Deets On Teebs

I may rain on the parade of my home state of Florida sometimes. For the weather or other times for the seemingly boring town I grew up in (I mean does anyone actually think their hometowns are fun? Unless you live in a big city, then so sorry, you don’t count) and I will always and forever be a Florida State Seminole (Momma Bear’s alma mater, you’ll know why I mention this later. The Seminole thing, not the momma thing) but I can’t deny the fact that a one Mr. Tim Tebow is one of the most famous athletes that the Sunshine State has ever produced. Or at least, one of the athletes most talked about on sports radio and in the celebrity tabloids. (We all saw that bowling date you had with Ms. Camilia Belle, Tim. And that quote unquote business dinner with Taylor Swift. I mean based on the picture below, who wouldn’t take this guy out to dinner, even if you were accompanied by your “agents.”)


Tim Tebow was born on August 14th, 1987, not in Florida but in the Phillippines where his parents were serving as Baptist missionaries and at the same time, working to build a ministry. The youngest of 5, Tim and the rest of his siblings were home-schooled and brought up in the Christian faith (I’m a firm believer in the 1st Amendment and being able to do what ya wanna do so normally I wouldn’t really mention religion, but in Tebow’s case, it definitely plays a part in the story). Now, being home-schooled can throw a curve ball when it comes to athletics but because of a piece of legislation that was passed in 1996 in Florida, dubbed “The Tebow Law,” Tim and other home-schooled athletes were allowed to participate on the sports teams of schools in the district they lived in. Also by this time, Tim and his family had moved back to the good ole U S of A.

So after Tebow’s high school years where he became a rising football star and played in All-Star games and was named one of ESPN’s Players to Watch, yada yada yada, The Teebs continued his athletic mission at the University of Florida (the rivals of the Florida State Seminoles … get it now?) where he won 2 National Championships and became the first home-schooled athlete to ever win the Heisman Trophy (awarded to college football’s best player). One of the things he is remembered most for, besides his crying (do yourself a favor and click on that link), was “The Promise,” a speech given by Tebow to the press after a astonishing loss to Mississippi in 2008. The emotional speech, and when I say emotional, I mean that he was crying over a regular season football game loss, is now immortalized on a plaque outside one of the football facilities at the University of Florida. (And on the ground next to the sign is a bowl with tears of anyone who comes to look at the plaque. (Ok that’s a joke but that would be really funny right?) After his career as a Gator (UF’s mascot, Tebow went on to the big time. And that’s where the fun really starts)

Tim Tebow found his first NFL home in Denver after the Broncos took him with the 25th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft (I guess a draft-day post should come at some point huh?). Also, Tebow set a record for most jerseys sold during Draft Day Weekend. Throughout the season, he was sparingly used as a backup quarterback before getting the start call the last 3 games of the season. In his first ever start, Tebow set a record for longest touchdown run by a Denver Broncos quarter back.  His big accomplishment for the 2010 seaon? Having the highest numbers of jersey sales throughout the league.

2o11 was Tebow’s year to start shining in the NFL, or so everyone thought. “Tebow Mania” hit as Tim took over the starting quarterback job in the 7th game of the season. After leading some wild comebacks, people were starting to get on board the “Tebow Train.” After 3 consecutive losses to end the regular season, the Broncos entered the post season where Tebow lead the team to an overtime win over the Steelers (see below to see my thoughts on that). What was one of the most talked about things the morning after that game? Besides the frustration of Steeler fans? Tebow threw for a career high 316 yards and set an NFL record for yards per completion in a playoff game at 31.6. Now, I’m not the super religious type but those media sources who are had a field day with that, saying those numbers evoked the Bible’s John 3:16. The verse was the top search item on Google the next morning, followed by Tebow and then Tim Tebow and then why is religion brought into everything in this country? (Ok joking aside, that last one was not searched. Except for maybe by me, it’s a secret.) After being crushed by the New England Patriots in the next game, the Broncos and legendary Hall of Famer John Elway (post about him will come eventually) who was now the Broncos Vice President, said that Tebow would be the starting quarterback going into 2012 training camp.

So everything is peachy for dear ole’ Teebs right? Yeah, you would think so.

Off season of 2012? Denver Broncos sign none other than Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. And yes, he will get his own one of these player posts, rest assured. But for now, back to the Teebs. Obviously, when you sign the best quarterback in the game, you have to release one of your other quarterbacks, and that’s precisely what the Broncos did when they traded Tebow to the New York Jets in March 2012. The problem with this however was that the Jets already had a high-profile quarterback, a one Mark Sanchez. Many people were critical of the Jets organization for their non-use of Mr. Tim, especially after Sancheezy (not his real name but I kind of like it so anyone out there who wants to use as a new nickname, go for it) had quite a few lackluster performances. Nonetheless, after only having thrown 8 passes as a Jet, Tebow was released back out into the wild.

Now, Tebow has yet another new home, presumably somewhere around Boston as a new member of the New England Patriots.

I feel like I need to make one of those cross country maps that you put pins in for all the places you have visited. Anyone looking for a t-shirt idea? There ya have it.

Now the thing with Tebow is that it seems that people either love or hate. And I mean like to the extreme, they are either a a strong supporter or completely against his abilities. Some say that teams never really gave him a chance, and some say that he just wasn’t good enough to make it in the NFL. If you ask Skip Bayless, a very adamant Tim Tebow supporter, he’ll tell you how great Tebow is. Jets players and some anonymous former Denver teammates of Tebow’s have even spoken out about how “terrible” he is. And I really shouldn’t say hate, I should say that no one really wants him on their team, as terrible as that itself it is to say.  But ya know what, with his new home with the Patriots, maybe Tim will finally get a happy ending to his on going saga.

Off the field, Tebow was playing a whole different opponent, that of the super religious and super vocal. Because of Tim how vocalized Tim is about his faith, his continuous mentioning of his beliefs and the eyeblack that always had a bible verse scripted on to it, he takes a lot of flack. To his credit, none of it seems to really bother him. In one instance, Tebow was criticized early in 2013 for a speaking engagement he had planned to attend at a megachurch in Dallas. Liberals were crying foul saying the pastor in charge of the church was very “anti-gay” and preached that other religions were born from the “pit of hell.” (I swear, I did not make those words up. Google it.)

Oh and one another thing he is famous for, “Tebowing.” Which is Tim’s take on the touchdown celebratory dance except his routine is less move and shake it, but rather get down with ya bad self and have yourself a little prayer time.


For me, Tim Tebow will always be the dagger in my heart that took the form of an overtime touchdown pass that ended the AFC West Title game and the Pittsburgh Steelers season.

So what about you? What do you think about Tebow? Love him, hate him, think he’s cute? Let us know!



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