Overtime: Great For Your Guy, Not So Much For Your Shut Eye…How To Deal

Overtime, when a game is just so exciting everyone wants to keep playing, or really when game is a tied after regulation and causes play to continue until one team finally tops the other is, how should I put this, every sport’s fan favorite nightmare. The game continues, kind of like in those Buffalo Wild Wings commercials (except without the whole magic button thing) and it’s gut wrenching and nerve wracking and sometimes painful to watch. I’m not joking, sometimes it actually physically hurts. Half the time overtime is a good thing, it works out in your team’s favor and they win but the other 50% of the time, it  just prolongs the inevitable and your team ends up losing. And I guarantee that no matter how many boneless wings those people in the commercials eat, they’d give those and the extra beers they downed back if it meant their team would win.

As exciting and thrilling as overtime in sports is, especially in the playoffs where it can go on and on and on until someone scores a goal or a run or whatever sport it is that your guy is watching, it can wreak havoc on you, especially if the game is still going on late at night and you’re trying to get some sleep. (I was going to say beauty sleep but let’s be real, you are all gorgeous.


Take this real life situation (sorry in advance mom): It’s late at night, probably like 11 or somewhere around there and a hockey game goes into overtime. Now, hockey is its own special entity because whoever scores the first overtime goal wins, game over, case closed. Now in a playoff overtime game (a spectacle in itself) where tensions already running high, you can forget about holding back any type of reaction depending on what unfolds in front of you. So anyways, back to the real-life yes this happened occurrence, the usual suspects of myself, my dad, my brother, and sometimes one or both of my sisters are gathered around the t.v. trying to keep quiet but not being able to help making loud comments and sometimes odd noises when all of a sudden you hear the door to my parents room slide open and hear, “are you freaking kidding me?” Yep, momma bear ain’t too happy at this point. And I’m not saying these were her exact words, there is definitely some profanity thrown in there at times, but you get the picture. Long story short, no one likes to get woken up in the middle of the night.

Before I talk about how to deal with this situation, I want to quickly put it into perspective. Overtime is kind of like a reverse Black Friday for guys. You know how on Black Friday you get up super early, way too early to do it more than once a year, to ensure that you don’t miss any of the big sales and shopping action? Overtime, especially playoff overtime, is your guy’s Black Friday. Except they stay up later, rather than waking up earlier, to make sure they don’t miss any of the action. And you know that moment when you find that perfect on-sale pair or pants or the most wonderful marked-down pair of shoes? That ahhhh moment is how your guy feels when his team comes out on top.  And that feeling where you let that perfect top slip through your fingers and is now gone forever? Well, welcome to how it feels when you guy’s sports team is on the end of an overtime loss. It’s painful and it hurts and it makes you want to hit things. Or at least chase down the person that snatched that top right out from under you.

Overtime is an inevitable part of sports so it’s probably a good idea to figure out what works best for you when faced with this situation. Some ideas follow:

In my opinion, the best way to deal with this? Pray and hope that you have more than one tv, or that your one television is not in your bedroom. Goodbye trying to sleep if there is an overtime game unfolding 10 feet from your pillow. Another key component to hope for? That your guy can hold in his glee or frustration depending on what is going on in the game. If either of these two are not options, there are some other, more creative routes you can take.

Earmuffs, especially these days when they are seemingly getting more and more stylish. And so what if it’s almost the dead of summer? Turn your air conditioning way up if you get hot. Blame your higher electric bill on your guy and tell him its his fault because he couldn’t keep it down. Or hey, get one of those hat thingers that cover your ears too that look like different animals, bonus points if it’s the same animal that is the mascot of your guys team. (I am not actually vouching for you to go buy an animal hat but if you like them and it’s more your thing, well I say go for it).


Pull your blanket/put your pillow over your head. If you can breathe and it helps drown out the noise, this method may be a good one for you.

Or, wait until you heard this crazy idea. I know this idea may be a little out there for some of you and yes I am a tad bit kookoo sometimes (if you are asking yourself that right about now) but you could always try and stay up with your guy and be nervous and bite your nails and yell and scream right along with him. Now I know you want to sleep but just try it just once, that’s all I’m saying. Maybe it’ll turn out being like cauliflower, you won’t know you hate it until you try it. And yes, you will get exhausted and most likely cranky the longer the game goes on, but at the same time, you get to spend time with your guy and also, you might, just maybe,  find it exciting. I mean if you’re going to take the plunge and stay up that late, you may as well get into it and express some emotion. And trust me, the more you yell and scream at that screen, the less you’ll think about how late it is getting and how early you have to get up the next morning. And just think, if you bite your nails enough, it’s the perfect excuse to go get a manicure.

Overtime isn’t something that happens all that often but when it does, it’s nerve wracking and exciting for your guy and can keep you from getting the sleep that you so desperately want. And depending on how big your place is and your electronics inventory, you may have to get a little more creative when it comes to how you deal with it.

Have you ever dealt with this situation before? Let us know what you did! Did it work? Did you get a manicure out of it?



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