Dealing with a season-ending loss: When your men turn into babies all over again (minus the diapers and pacifier)


Sports are like religion for your guy. Whether he spends Saturday at the ballpark or Sunday in his favorite football team’s fleece snuggie parked in the middle of the couch, it’s a practice that begins at a very young age and doesn’t change as he gets older and transforms into his version of being an adult.

Now, the beginning of every season is a magical time for sports fans, your guy being one of them. No matter what happened last year, no matter how bad his team was, the hope and faith a new season bring says that none of that matters. And from that first game forward, your guy commences to spend all season keeping his fingers crossed and doing his game day routines with the hope that any extra luck will propel his team to the championship.

And then inevitably, or most likely because only one team can win, your guy’s team loses. The season’s over and you’re left with a heap of a man who is crying because he has to go a few months without watching men beat the crap out of each other or aim to hit a small ball, or whatever sport it is that he is commiserating over.

Let me put it in perspective for a second. You know how at the beginning of every season, you get really excited for all the new clothes you get to buy? Whether it’s a brand new bathing suit or that season’s “it” pattern on a pair of pants, it’s new and fresh and clean and there a ton of different ideas going through your head about what top to pair your pants with or what cover up to wear over your swim suit. A then a few months later, the weather changes and sadly, those pants just aren’t in style anymore or it’s too cold for that string tankini. That feeling right there, when you have to put away that mesh neon peplum that you saved up for and love so much, that’s what a season ending feels like for your guy. I know, it’s painful. And you looked so good in bright neon mesh too.

How to deal:

It won’t be easy dealing with the pain he is going through, mainly because you probably really don’t care all that much as to why he is going through box after box of tissues. But on the flip side, he is going through his version of pain and you being the super awesome girlfriend that you are, you don’t want to see him like that. Unless his misery makes you happy, then I’d say it’s probably time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Here are some ideas for how to help him feel better. Now all guys are different so when you’ve cheered your guy up in the past, I would go-ahead and stick with those previously successful methods. Below however are just a few more ideas in case you find yourself completely lost and need a jumping off point:

Beer – Duh

Pizza – Double Duh

More beer – Wasn’t going to go there but who cares, Duh Duh Duh

Time with his buds – Guys are probably less likely to cry and feel depressed around each other. (I can’t say that for certain but that would be my guess)

Chocolate cake – I’ve been told this is what a guy would want, unless my boyfriend just really likes chocolate cake and other guys wouldn’t want this at all. Tread lightly with this suggestion.

Tell them everything is going to be okay. – You may not understand what he is going through but say it anyways because it’s something that does needs to be said and even if he responds with some colorful language and some explicit finger wagging, he ultimately will appreciate it and as long as he’s not living under a rock, he too knows that everything will actually be ok.

Most importantly, don’t let it go on forever. Yes, let him be upset and let him cry/complain/do whatever he’s going to do. But don’t let him wallow and get pity from you forever. Go out, do your own thing, let him grieve if he wants time alone, but when he gets too sad that he has stopped showering or shaving, throw a cold bucket of water on him and turn on ESPN, chances are another one of his many other teams is continuing their quest for the championship.

Have you ever had to go through this situation? What did you do? Let the rest of us know in the comments!



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